Professor Hoffmann and "Bridge Whist"

Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis) wrote a large number of card-game rule-booklets for Charles Goodall & Son.  The first of these, it seems pretty certain, appeared in 1895. That is the year Jessel shows for three of Hoffmann’s booklets, and I don’t think I have ever seen anything contrary to that.

The fourth booklet of Hoffmann’s was called Bridge Whist.  Jessel shows 1899 for that work.  The next one Jessel shows is the Ninth Edition of Bridge, which I am quite certain (as such things go) was part of the series of editions that was started with Bridge Whist.  In other words, the title changed (and the book was significantly revised), but the edition numbers were kept in one sequence.

I have never heard of a copy of the 1899 edition of Bridge Whist coming up for sale.  The earliest edition of the booklet in my collection is dated 1902 on the front cover (1901 on the title page).  Below are some relevant pictures:


"Bridge Whist," back cover (left) and front cover (right), with 1902 date on front cover

Bridge Whist title page

The inside front-cover (left) and the title page (right), with 1901 date on title page


The last page (left) and the inside back-cover

The book above is definitely of special interest, in part because of what it shows about Goodall’s manufacturing methods.  Evidently they ran out of covers, and took that opportunity to modify the date (or just decided to update the covers).  Basically, though, one envisions Goodall printing a more-than-adequate supply of booklets with the 1901 date.

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