Comments on one of Professor Hoffmann’s first three rule-booklets, “Ecarte,” 1895

Based on Jessel’s bibliography, it can be said that Professor Hoffmann’s first three card-game rule booklets were dated 1895.  The three titles Jessel mentions in this connection are (a) Ecarte, (b) Piquet, and (c) Rubicon Bezique.  In this post, I want to talk a little about the first of these, namely Ecarte.

Below are a few scans that elucidate matters somewhat.  The first shows the front cover and back cover.  (Obviously, the back cover is on the left.)  The background color on the actual booklet is a pale purple.

The next scan shows the inside front-cover and the title page.

The next scan shows the first page of text.

The next shows the last page of the booklet, and the inside back-cover.  The list of booklets on the last page is interesting.  It is possible that it is a listing of all of the Goodall booklets available at that time.  It includes listings of, among others, Poker, Euchre, Napoleon, Skat, and Khanhoo.  I believe that the Goodall booklets on the first four games (Poker, Euchre, Napoleon, and Skat) are pretty scarce.  I have heard of one copy of Poker offered for sale, but I missed out on it.  The others of those four, I have never seen for sale.

As to Khanhoo, I think I have seen perhaps four copies for sale.  One has been listed by a dealer for at least a couple of years, but it has no cover.  One might occasionally run across a Goodall booklet without a cover, but I have seen two or three copies of the Khanhoo booklet without a cover, which makes me wonder whether some copies were issued that way.

Of the other nine booklets listed, I have at least one copy of each (usually not the first edition).

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