More on “The Royal Game of Bezique,” by Camden, published by Goodall

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the first edition of Goodall’s first card-game rule-booklet (to the best of my knowledge) was published in 1868.  It was a booklet on a game called Bezique.  I showed a scan of the front cover of the second edition, and I suggested that the second edition may have been published in 1869 or so.

The tenth edition was dated 1870 (in Roman numerals), so that would presumably be the latest possible date for the second edition.  But if the second edition was published in 1870, that would presuppose that nine editions appeared in that year–a rather unlikely (but not impossible) event.

Below are some pertinent scans that show a little more of the history of the Goodall booklet on Bezique.

Immediately following is shown a scan of the front cover of the twelfth edition, dated 1872 (in Roman numerals) on the title page.  (This scan is not an accurate representation of the color.)  It shows Camden (obviously a pseudonym) as the author.  (The second edition was anonymous.)

Next is shown a scan of the title page and inside front-cover.  Notice that by this time the title has been expanded somewhat on the title page.  The text is similar, but not identical, to that of the second edition.

Next is shown the front cover of the twenty-second edition.  This edition does not have an actual title page.

Below is a scan of the inside front-cover and the following page.

The following is a scan of the “modernized” version of the front cover–probably the most common basic design of Goodall’s booklet on Bezique.

The Camden booklet on Bezique went through many, many “editions” (printings, presumably, for the most part).  It is overall one of the most common of the Goodall booklets–possibly the most common–though specific editions might well be difficult to find.

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