Comments on “A Compendium of Dominoes,” 1918, by Ernest Bergholt (1856-1925)

One of the people wrote card-game rule-booklets that were published by Charles Goodall & Son was a man named Ernest Bergholt (1856-1925).  In this post, I intend to discuss his little Goodall booklet on dominoes.  Now, dominoes is not necessarily a card game in the traditional sense, and it certainly does not use conventional playing-cards.  However, Goodall did issue “card dominoes” (rather small cards, by the way).

If the history of whist, bridge, patience games, and pastimes ever had a genius, it may have been Bergholt.  I may write further about him in the future, though I do not know much about him, just some fragments that I have found in assorted places.

The birth-year above I have seen in three possibly independent sources on the internet.  The year of death I have seen in two possibly independent sources on the internet.  Also, a couple of references from 1926 use the word “late” in referring to him.  In addition to all of the foregoing, another source stated the same years, and also stated the month and day.  So, I believe that those years are correct, or are at least close, although I do not know the ultimate source(s), and it is possible that the sources were not as independent as I think they were. (I fear I have already belabored this, but there are far more mentions of the 1856-1925 dates on the internet, but as to many of them, because of surrounding material, it is plain that they have a common source.)

Following is a scan of the front cover of the booklet.

The following is a scan of the inside front-cover and the title page.  The title page shows a lengthy list of works by Bergholt.

The following is a scan showing the first page of the text.  Notice the reference to Goodall’s “card dominoes.”

The following is a scan of the last page of the booklet, and of the inside back-cover.  Notice the advertisement for the domino cards.

Bergholt also wrote other booklets published by Goodall, in addition to the one on dominoes.

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