A few comments on other companies

As I have mentioned, Charles Goodall & Son was not the only company to issue card-game rule-booklets during the period 1868-1922 (with which this blog is primarily concerned).  The main other company was Thomas De La Rue and Co., and I have talked about them a little on this blog.  But there were also other companies which published card-game rule-booklets during the period under discussion.  I would guess that Jessel’s bibliography is the main general source of information on the kinds of things that were published.  (The term “32mo” is a key term, if you are looking at Jessel in search of relevant listings.)

As for me, I have almost no card-game rule-booklets that were published by any company other than the two main ones.  One I do possess was published by W.H. Willis & Co.  It is not dated, but a website called “The World of Playing Cards” states that Willis was in operation “c. 1869-1893,” and basically that the company stopped its playing-card business in 1887.

Following is a scan of the front cover, shown with a Goodall card from a Bezique pack (to demonstrate the size of the booklet).

Following is a scan of the inside front-cover and title page.

Following is a scan of the last page and inside back cover.

Jessel does show (I believe) four works published by Willis.  I believe that the work shown above is not listed specifically, but it is probably a later edition (or printing) of a Bezique booklet Jessel lists.

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