A listing of first editions of Professor Hoffmann’s rule-booklets, according to Frederic Jessel and the Bodleian Library

[Note:  Some of the following post is inaccurate, because it reflects 1899 as the earliest edition of Bridge Whist.  David Levy has a copy dated 1895.  —T.A.S. — 8-6-11.]

The following is, I believe, a complete listing of first editions Professor Hoffmann’s card-game rule-booklets, based almost entirely on Frederic Jessel’s 1905 bibliography, as augmented by the catalogs of the Bodleian Library.  (Professor Hoffmann’s real name was Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919.)  The way I look at it, there are sixteen separate card-game rule-booklets that Hoffmann wrote.  The following does not include any detail, but I have aimed to include the title and year of publication, at least.  I have placed a few of my comments in brackets among the listings.

First, from Jessel:

Ecarte, 1895, 34 pages.

Piquet, 1895, 44 pages.  “(Second edition, 1896.)”

Rubicon Bezique, 1895, 28 pages.

Bridge Whist, 1899, 15 pages.  [Note:  Jessel shows 1899 for the work in his bibliography.  However, David Levy has a copy dated 1895.   —T.A.S. — 8-6-11.]

Bridge, 1903, 41 pages.  “Ninth edition, revised and enlarged.” [I consider Bridge to be a separate work from Bridge Whist, even though Goodall seems to have numbered the editions in a single series.  I believe that the ninth edition was the first version to have the title Bridge on the title page.]

Patience Games, 1900, 57 pages.

Patience Games.  Second Series, 1901, 61 pages.

Progressive Whist, Hearts, and Euchre, 1902, 19 pages.  [Note:  The Bodleian Library catalog places brackets around the date (and uses an ampersand in the title).  It also lists a booklet called Progressive Whist, Bridge, Hearts, and Euchre, [1904], which would be an expanded edition.  The Bodleian Library also lists Progressive Card Games, 1907, which is a related title, including Solo-Whist.  I have posted a post which goes into such matters in detail.  This “note” was revised by me on July 15, 2011, which is also the date of the new post.]

Hearts, Heartsette, and Ombre, 1902, 35 pages.

The foregoing represent the titles reflected in Jessel’s bibliography, which basically covered through the first part of 1905.  The following additional information is based on the catalogs of the Bodleian Library:

Patience With the Joker, 1907.

Quinto, 1907.

Selected Patience Games, [1907].

Bridge Varieties, [1908].

Five Hundred, 1908.

Auction Bridge, 1912.

Schnapps, and Other Original Round Games, 1912.

From the foregoing, it can be seen that Hoffmann’s rule-booklets were not even slightly spaced in a regular fashion during the period of 1895 to 1912.  Instead, their publication (and probably their writing, to some degree) can be broken into four discreet periods:

1895:  three works

1899-1904:  six works

1907-1908:  five works

1912:  two works

I realize that the foregoing is all a bit simplified.  For instance, some may say, “What about the combined printings of Rubicon Bezique and Camden’s Bezique?”  Or, “Isn’t Selected Patience Games mainly material reprinted from other works by Hoffmann?”  Or, “Isn’t there another work, which you didn’t list, called Original Round Games?”  [Not as far as I know, though those words were used on a cover.]  Or, “The titles above are not all complete, full titles, are they?”  Or, “What about revised editions–where do they fit in?”  Or . . . or . . . or . . . — but as I said, the above is a bit simplified.  (And actually there may be a few out-and-out inaccuracies, either because of mistake by me, or misinterpretations by me, or lack of knowledge on my part.)

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