Comments on “Rover Bridge,” 1917, by Ernest Bergholt (1856-1925)

In 1917, Charles Goodall & Son published Rover Bridge, a card-game rule-booklet by Ernest Bergholt.  I suspect that it may have more words on the title page than any other card-game rule-booklet.  The card game of Rover Bridge was based closely on Pirate Bridge, a version of Auction Bridge developed by Aleister Crowley.  Bergholt’s booklet also includes a section on Outlaw Bridge, a variety of Auction Bridge.

Below is a scan of the front cover.

The following is a scan of the inside front-cover and the title page.

Following is a scan of the first page of the text.

Following is a scan of the first page of the “Outlaw Bridge” section.

Following is a scan of the last page and the inside back-cover.

Rover Bridge is probably a rather scarce booklet.  The one that I have in my collection is the only one I have ever seen for sale.

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