Comments on the 1902 edition of “Patience Games,” by Professor Hoffmann

The first edition of Patience Games, by Professor Hoffmann (published by Goodall) was dated 1900.  It was followed by Patience Games, Second Series, the first edition of which was dated 1901.

But the 1900 edition of Patience Games was not the only edition of that work.  At least one other edition appeared, and it was dated 1902.  That is the edition that I am addressing in this post (though as far as I know, it had the same text as the 1900 edition).

Below are scans of portions of a copy of the 1902 edition.  First are scans of the front cover and back cover.

Next is a scan of two pages toward the back, showing an interesting listing of card-game rule-booklets.

Not all of the titles are precise, but they are close enough.  Of the sixteen titles listed, I believe that fourteen appeared under pseudonyms.  The only “actual names” shown are R.F. Foster and W.H. Wilkinson.

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