Did I hear you say you wanted to hear about the first edition of “Patience Games,” by Professor Hoffmann, 1900? I thought so!

In a very recent post, I mentioned the 1902 edition of Patience Games, by Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919), published by Goodall.  I stated that the first edition appeared in 1900.  Patience Games actually kicked-off a series of booklets, including a second volume of Patience Games, designated Second Series (on the title page), which I suppose by implication made the earlier volume “First Series” (though I am not certain whether I have seen it called that).

The terminology “Series 1” and “Series 2” was used in an advertisement shown in the earlier post.  “Series 2” is shown on the front cover of the “Second Series” volume. Together, the two books totaled more than 100 pages.

Later, a selection of the “best” from those two earlier booklets appeared under the title Selected Patience Games.  In his Preface to Selected Patience Games, Hoffmann makes reference to the two earlier works as follows:  Patience Games, Series I. and II.

Below is a scan of the front cover of the first edition of Patience Games, 1900.  That is followed by a scan of the back cover.  That, in turn, is followed by a scan of the inside front-cover and title page.

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