Comments on “Piquet,” by Professor Hoffmann, Fifth Edition, 1902

Frederic Jessel’s 1905 bibliography shows that the first edition of Piquet, by Professor Hoffmann, was dated 1895.  (He doesn’t call it the first edition.)  The Bodleian Library shows a copy of the second edition (from Jessel’s collection), dated 1896.  I find it interesting that the Bodleian Library does not appear to have a copy of the 1895 edition, and that Jessel does not list the 1896 edition.

Piquet is not one of Hoffmann’s scarcest card-game rule-booklets, and it is certainly not remotely as scarce as some of Goodall’s other rule booklets.  Piquet went through many editions, and I have a sixteenth edition dated 1921.  However, it is not what one would call common.

My earliest copy of Piquet is a fifth edition, dated 1902.  It came into my possession in a boxed Piquet set manufactured by Goodall.  Below are some scans of other components of the set as I received it.

The box itself is not in the greatest condition, but the set shown is the only Piquet set by Goodall I have ever seen offered for sale, and I am glad I have it in my collection.  The playing cards are a bit curved, but other than that, they are basically flawless, and the rule booklet is in virtually “new” condition.  (I will probably post scans of the booklet itself in a future post.)

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