Some comments by me about this blog

Note:  I reposted this from another blog of mine, so some of the material in in may not make much sense.

I want to explain, briefly and incompletely, why I have been handling certain things in certain ways on this blog.  One of my main goals was to keep things as simple as reasonably possible.  That may be a part of the explanation as to why I have not used tags or categories.

I have paced the “search” widget in an obvious place, since that is a great way to find things on this blog.  So, if you are interested in M.E. Braddon, you can search for her last name and find the posts.  Or you could type in “Every Boy’s Annual,” or “Dickens,” or “Belgravia.”

I have listed the most recent 15 posts at the right-hand side, so you can not only see (more or less) what the blog is about, but you can click on the recent posts that interest you.

Each post carries the date in an obvious place.  (However, I imagine that many of them have been touched-up since the original posting date.  Also, I have probably reposted certain posts, which has given them later dates than the original posting.)

The “Archives” separates the posts for each month.

I have tended to make the titles of the posts a reasonably clear signal of the type of content, rather than making them cutesy, curt, clever, curious, or catchy, at least in most cases.  So, instead of something really clever, like “Brilliant musings,” I might call it, “Thoughts on collecting Victorian-age books.”

For the basic “layout” of the blog, I am currently using the”Twenty Ten” theme from WordPress, which seems to be one of the best themes, if not the best, for the purposes of this blog.

Get it?  In my own primitive way, I have tried to make everything especially findable.

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