Comments on “Rubicon Bezique,” by Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919), Seventh Edition, circa 1909

As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, Professor Hoffmann (Angelo J. Lewis, 1839-1919) wrote many card-game rule-booklets that were published by Goodall.  The first three of those were Ecarte, Piquet, and Rubicon Bezique.  As already discussed, it appears that the first editions of all three of them were dated 1895.

Below are a few scans relating to the seventh edition of the booklet titled Rubicon Bezique.  I quickly compared the text to that of an 1895 edition, and (based only on a spot-check), the text appears to be the same.  In both cases, the text ends on page 29.  The seventh edition is undated, but the advertisements on the inside front-cover probably show pretty closely when it was published.  At least two of the booklets listed (Bridge Varieties and Five Hundred) were first published in 1908 (or thereabouts).  I believe that none of the booklets listed were later.

So, the seventh edition can be dated as circa 1909.  It may have been published in 1908.  And it may have been published as late as 1912.  Hoffmann himself had two other booklets dated 1912, which it seems would have been listed if they had already been published.  But the very least that can be said is that the seventh edition of Rubicon Bezique did not appear before 1908 — okay, leaving a margin for error, not earlier than 1907.

But that is not based on an exhaustive examination of evidence.  In fact, the investigation was quite superficial.  Anyway, below are the scans.

Reasonably early copies of Rubicon Bezique, by Professor Hoffmann, are not exactly easy to find, but copies of the version that includes Bezique, by Camden, seem pretty common.

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