Test your card-game rule-booklet acumen: A little quiz!

Do not sent me your answers — the quiz is only for your own enjoyment.  I will state the answers in a separate post, quite soon.

Below are scans of five card-game rule-booklets.  (I have not shown scans of any of these exact booklets before in the present blog.  So, for example, although I may have shown scans of Bridge before, and maybe even the same edition as that shown below, the copy of Bridge shown is a different copy.)  It is possible that you will find one clue buried in one of the questions.

A Quiz

1.  What design feature do all five of the booklets possess that is not found in all (but is found in many) copies of card-game rule-booklets with the same basic cover design?  Hint:  Don’t spend a lot of time on this.  It is quite obvious at a glance, if you know what to look for.

2.  What does that design-feature show (why did they use that design feature)?

3.  Can you think of another reason why that design feature might have been used?

Note:  If you know more about it than I do, you might be able to narrow-down the “reasons” (plural) of 2 and 3 to just one possible reason.

4.  For this question, disregard the titles.  Approximately “when” do you think the booklets shown were printed?  (Why do you think that?)

5.  As a group, what major “conceptual” attribute do the five booklets have?  (To get this question right very likely will require some major “thinking inside the box.”)

As I say, the answers, or at least one set of answers, will appear in another post, rather soon.

I do not know whether collectors will find the above quiz “easy,” “difficult,” or “something in between.”  I do believe that anyone who knows nothing about old card-game rule-booklets would find all five questions essentially impossible to answer intelligently.

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