Comments on “Cribbage,” by Rawdon Crawley

I mentioned that I had duplicates or near-duplicates of certain booklets pictured on page 36 of Mike Goodall’s year-2000 book on the Goodalls.  Mike shows a fourth edition of Cribbage, by Rawdon Crawley.  Below is shown a scan of a fifth edition.  Jessel shows 1889 for what I presume to be the first edition.  Mike’s book shows that Goodall’s operation in Birmingham was 1893-1912, so that provides an initial range of dates for the booklet, which is undated. Mike also says:  “On the 15th May 1897 it became a limited liability company [. . .].”  That suggests that the booklet is 1897 or later, since the company name on the booklet includes “Ltd.”  Based largely on the cover design, I think it probably dates from around 1900.

I adjusted the color to make the green far more accurate than it was (it had been basically a blue).

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