Now THIS I found quite interesting . . . Part 1: Background

I have been interested in Professor Hoffmann for many years now. My research “resources,” though, are really quite minimal, so it should never really come as a surprise to me when I run across something significant that is new (to me)–but it always does.  I guess I will have to start coming to terms with the concept that there is a ton of information “out there” regarding Professor Hoffmann (much of it reasonably accessible) that I have no clue about.

I visited The Magic Circle headquarters on a Tuesday night back in 1973.  I was briefly shown the Professor Hoffmann library, which at that time was basically inaccessible, behind glass.  At that time, they happened to have a Hoffmann display on exhibit there, with things like letters and programs and books, as I recall.  (I think somewhere I have notes about what was exhibited.)  I also know that J.B. Findlay visited The Magic Circle not too long before his death, with the precise purpose of gathering information for our book, Professor Hoffmann:  A Study.  (At the time of his visit, it was our understanding that The Magic Circle was going to publish the book — which did not happen.  I ended up publishing it myself.)

Anyway, based on the foregoing, perhaps it is excusable that I more or less assumed a certain scope to The Magic Circle’s collection of Hoffman material — even though my assumptions turned out to be pretty incorrect.

I think that my first clue that The Magic Circle owned a lot of material of which I was unaware, was when Michael Albright shared with me some of his findings based on research on Hoffmann which he had conducted at The Magic Circle.

I do not know why the scope of The Magic Circle’s Hoffmann holdings should be such a mystery (to me, anyway). Maybe the collection has been described in detail somewhere, but plainly I am finding out about it little by little.

All right, then, with that introduction, I think I am ready to prepare Part 2 of this little essay, where I will discuss the “THIS” referred to in the title of this post.

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