Comments on cover titles that vary from the title-page titles in Professor Hoffmann’s card-game rule-booklets

Revised 07-18-11.

The cover titles of Goodall’s card-game rule-booklets do not always restate the title as found on the title page.  I have not made any real study of this, but a few instances — as to works by Professor Hoffmann — are listed below.  This is not to say that all copies of the works listed exhibit the features mentioned.  (As usual, I am omitting diacritical marks.)

Title-page title:  Ecarte.  Cover title:  The Game of Ecarte.

Title-page title:  Patience Games.  [“Second Series” is shown later on the title page, beneath a statement of other works by Hoffmann, which in turn is beneath the author’s name, so “Second Series” does not appear part of the actual title.]  Cover title:  Patience Games Series 2.

Title-page title:  Bridge.  Cover title (on one version):  Bridge Whist.

Title-page title:  Schnapps and Other Original Round Games.  Cover title: Original Round Games.

Title-page title:  Progressive Card Games [. . .].  Cover title:  Progressive Whist, Bridge, Hearts & Euchre.

Title-page title:  Patience With the Joker[:] A Series of Original Patience Games.  Cover title:  Patience With the Joker[:] Original Patience Games.

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