Comments on “Foster’s Pocket Guide to Modern Whist,” by R.F. Foster, 1892

I said “1892,” in the above title, because that is the date that Jessel gives for Foster’s Pocket Guide to Modern Whist, by R.F. Foster.  Jessel also designates the work as 16mo, but I think it was probably basically the same format as the typical Goodall booklet of the era.

I have never seen that 1892 edition, but I have one dated 1893, and I think it is basically the same work as Jessel’s, since he shows it as being 35 pages, and the body text of mine ends on page 35.

The cover design is distinctly different from any other Goodall booklet in my collection. Below are a few pertinent scans, first of the front cover, then the back cover, then of the inside front-cover and title page, then of the final page (page [36]) and the inside back-cover.

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