Goodall’s Draw-Bridge on eBay . . .

Just a quick note.  At this time, there are no fewer than six Draw-Bridge sets on eBay, in various degrees of completeness.  At least three of them appear to have a rule booklet, one from 1909, one from 1911, and one that is of later vintage. Four have starting bids under the $10.00 level, though the cost of shipping to the US might pose a problem in certain cases.  One has a Buy It Now price of about $25.

The sixth one is a more elaborate model, metal and wood, located in the US. The price is $475.  It appears to have been listed on eBay since at least April 2009, though with that price it is not surprising that it has not sold.

None of he booklets listed is the first edition, which appeared (according to the Bodleian Library catalog) in 1905.

I made this post rather hastily, and none of the above is guaranteed accurate — though that is true of all of my posts (not the “hastily” part).

—Tom Sawyer

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