Comments on Quinto: Part 1, Introductory remarks

The titles of Professor Hoffmann’s works (not just rule-booklets) are apt to cause, in some cases, confusion for collectors learning about them for the fist time.  I have discussed Hoffmann’s Progressive Whist, Hearts, and Euchre, which was part of a string of works with confusingly similar titles.  Then there is Patience Games, 1900, and Patience Games, Second Series, 1901, for which the “Second Series” is not really part of the title.  And those were followed by Selected Patience Games, which was based on the earlier two works.

Another of Hoffmann’s works that has the potential for confusing a collector is his Quinto, and the situation is made more tricky by the fact that all of the old Quinto items are quite scarce.

It appears that, in all, there are at least four distinct Quinto-related publications of particular significance–three published by Goodall, and one by the United States Playing Card Company.  Of course, the game was also described in certain revisions of Professor Hoffmann’s 1898 Hoyle’s Games Modernized, starting in 1909, but that is mainly beyond the scope of the present discussion.

I started out writing a long post on the topic, but now I have pretty much decided to break it into five parts, including this post.

A little note:  I am italicizing “Quinto” when it is used as the title (or part of the title) of a publication.  When I am simply referring to the game, I am not italicizing it.

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