Comments on Quinto: Part 3, “Quinto: A New and Original Card Game,” by Professor Hoffmann, 1907

The first (that I know of) Quinto item published by Goodall was the usual-type rule-booklet, originally priced at sixpence. According to the catalog of the Bodleian Library, this was published in 1907.  Its full title is Quinto: A New and Original Card Game.  I have not seen a copy, and I am not sure about the colon.

I would expect that the pamphlet looks very much like many of the other Goodall booklets published around that time — in short, like many of the booklets that are pictured in this blog.  Although I would prefer having one or more copies in my collection, one bright side of not possessing a copy is that it cannot possibly be better than the way I have generally pictured it in my mind.

As I have emphasized, this first booklet on Quinto is not easily found, and its apparent low numbers, combined with high desirability, make it an item that could be called “rare.”  In fact, the more time that goes by without my seeing a copy (or hearing of a copy in another collector’s collection), the more I tend to believe that it is a true rarity.

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