Comments on Quinto: Part 6, “The Game of Quinto,” Cincinnati, 1907 . . . [Note: I posted this out of sequence — Part 5 appears above.]

So far, in Parts 1 through 5 of this particular series of posts, I have talked about three different Goodall publications dealing with Professor Hoffmann’s game Quinto.  All three of those were published in England.  Now I am going to address a fourth publication, this one published in the United States.

My principal sources of information on this publication are threefold:  the catalog of the Bodleian Library, a reference work on copyright entries, and various magazine advertisements of the era.

Synthesizing the main items of information regarding Quinto from those sources, I came up with something like the following:

The Game of Quinto, by Professor Hoffmann.  Cincinnati (United States Playing Card Company), 1907.  23 pages, 12mo.

More specifically, the Catalogue of Copyright Entries, July to December, 1907, shows most of that information (though not Hoffmann’s name), along with a date of July 1, 1907.

The Bodleian Library adds the “The” to the title, and gives Hoffmann as the author, while confirming the year and city.

The advertisements didn’t really provide much information on the booklet, though they show that the United States Playing Card Company offered the booklet (or what was presumably that booklet) for a two-cents stamp.

The November 7, 1907, issue of the old humor magazine Life carried the following advertisement, which includes a reference to Quinto.  This is via the Hathi Trust Digital Library–from Google, from an original at the University of Michigan (my dad’s alma mater):


It is a bit difficult to read, but the first two lines of fine print say:

                    The new game Quinto.

                    Send 2c. stamp for rules.

At least one other U.S. Playing Card Company advertisement for the Quinto publication — or what I presume was the Quinto publication — also ran.  The following appeared in late 1907, in The American Magazine.  (A similar or identical advertisement appeared in late 1907 in McClure’s.)  This is from the Hathi Trust Digital Library, from Google, from an original at the University of Michigan  The reference to Quinto is toward the bottom, and I think it is reasonably clear:


—Tom Sawyer

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