A little problem with the numbering . . .

I just noticed that the recent posts on Quinto, as viewable on this blog, went as follows: 1, 2, 4, 6.  Parts 3 and 5 were missing.

It turns out that I had the visibility for Part 3 set on “Private” — I’m not sure why. Maybe I thought I needed to revise it.  Anyway, the visibility is now set for “Public” on Part 3 — but there is no earthshaking information in it —  I have never seen a copy of the item described there.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t posted Part 5.  I changed a couple of little things in it, and have now posted it.  It, too, is not of big significance, since I largely repeated some things from an earlier post of mine.  (It is now out of sequence.)

—Tom Sawyer

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