Comments on “Draw-Bridge,” [1905]

According to the catalog of the Bodleian Library, Frederic Jessel possessed four copies of Draw-Bridge, dated as follows:  [1905], 1906, 1909, and 1917.  The Bodleian shows Charles Vidal Diehl and J.W. Yates as the authors.  The booklet itself says “(Diehl-Yates Patent No. 4655/1905.)”

The Draw-Bridge apparatus (there were at least two different designs, and one of them had at least two sizes) consisted of two holders, each of which could hold a “hand,” so that (mainly, I suppose) Bridge and Whist, normally four-handed games, could be played by two people.  The rule booklet, though it had the short-title of Draw-Bridge, also included some information on Draw-Whist.

Based on the quantity of sets I have seen offered on eBay and elsewhere, I believe that the Draw-Bridge apparatus is rather common.  I don’t know whether the sets always came with a rule booklet.  I have two sets.  One has the booklet, and the other does not. But I suspect that the sets normally came with the booklet.

I do not have a first edition of the book [1905], nor do I have the 1906 edition.  My earliest copies are dated April, 1907, and each is different from the other.

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