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Goodall card-game booklets on eBay . . .

I may have said something like this before on this blog, but possibly seventy percent of the card-game booklets now in my collection were purchased by me on eBay.  And maybe ninety-five percent of the booklets in my collection (including … Continue reading

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An aside about the Google search-engine . . .

When I search on Google for . . . rule booklets . . . the first four listings I see on Google are for the present blog. But what if I decide to get more specific?  Say I search for … Continue reading

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Terminology relating to Goodall booklets and De La Rue booklets . . .

It has been a while since my last card-game booklet post. A while back (months ago, in fact), due to something that David Levy posted in his Hoyle blog (in an article called “The Nature of Gaming Literature“), I got … Continue reading

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