Goodall card-game booklets on eBay . . .

I may have said something like this before on this blog, but possibly seventy percent of the card-game booklets now in my collection were purchased by me on eBay.  And maybe ninety-five percent of the booklets in my collection (including the eBay items) were purchased by me via the internet.

It is kind of strange to think about that, because I had been collecting books for decades before the internet came along — and it was basically order via bookseller catalogs (through the mail), or visit bookstores in person, and I did a great deal of both.

Anyway, I have noticed a few interesting card-game booklet items on eBay lately.  I actually did bid (unsuccessfully) on an auction that ended earlier today.  The cover title was Progressive Whist, Bridge, Hearts & Euchre.  The author was Professor Hoffmann.  I’ve mentioned that work on this blog before.  The booklet listed was not the first edition (well, it might be the first edition of that revision, but I have not checked into that).  It was 24 pages long and dated 1910.

My maximum bid was GBP 51.  The high bid was GBP 52, so I was the underbidder.  I think any bid in that area would be a fair one or that edition in such nice condition.  It’s definitely one of Hofmann’s scarcer card-game booklets.  A first edition in similar condition would be better, but it is still pretty nice.

The description said, in part:  “Four pages are not bound in, but are inserted.”  I am not sure whether that was an additional four pages, or whether (perhaps) the center four pages were detached, or what.

—Tom Sawyer

February 28, 2012

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