Terminology relating to Goodall booklets and De La Rue booklets . . .

It has been a while since my last card-game booklet post.

A while back (months ago, in fact), due to something that David Levy posted in his Hoyle blog (in an article called “The Nature of Gaming Literature“), I got to reconsidering my terminology for the various Goodall and De La Rue booklets.  They are card-game booklets, almost all of them.  But not all of them are card-game rule-booklets.  And a lot of them contain additional matter (such as history or hints), even where they include rules (which many of them — probably the vast majority — do).

So, on this blog, I may start calling them card-game booklets more often.

(Of course, a few of the Goodall or De La Rue booklets don’t deal with playing cards. Examples would be the booklets on dominoes.)

—Tom Sawyer

February 28, 2012

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