Auction ended on eBay for “Patience Games,” 1900, by Professor Hoffmann . . .

Ending earlier today (March 4, 2012) was an eBay auction for a copy of Patience Games, by Professor Hoffmann, 1900.  There was one bid, about an hour before the auction ended.  The minimum bid was GBP 45, which according to the listing is about $71.25.

The cover looked a little grubby, especially near the spine.

If I did not already have a copy, though, I would have bid on it.  I think it is a scarce booklet, maybe very scarce.  It’s definitely not as common as something like Professor Hoffmann’s Bridge, apart from any issues relating to editions.  That is, the typical collector might well find several copies of Bridge (of various editions) before he or she finds a single copy of Patience Games, 1900.

Also published by Goodall was a 1902 edition of Patience Games, also rather scarce.

Other than the 1900 and 1902 editions (or printings), I don’t know of any editions of the booklet.  Of course, Hoffmann’s booklet Selected Patience Games includes material from that work (and from another work of Hoffmann’s).

—Tom Sawyer

March 4, 2012

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