“The Game of Check” — it was on eBay — the auction is now over . . .

One of the more interesting rule-booklet auctions I have seen on eBay lately (though I have not been following rule-booklets on eBay too much lately), was one of the scarcer Goodall card-game booklets, namely The Game of Check. The little preface on the inside front-cover was dated “Nov. 1869,” and the last page has an advertisement for Goodall’s Bezique set.

That is all interesting enough, but in this case, it was not simply the booklet, it was the whole set.

I felt that the seller was quite fair in his description, and twelve photographs were included, so if you have never seen a Check set before, you might want to take a look.

There were nine bidders, and a total of thirteen bids were placed. I myself was one of the bidders, and I placed two bids.  My own high bid was GBP 52.  The winning bid was GBP 72.20.

Overall, I feel that the winning bidder got a good deal, in part because that can probably be considered a rare booklet (and a rare set).  At least, I have never seen one offered for sale. There were some condition problems, but on an item such as that one, it is probably wise to be rather forgiving.  Booklet-wise, the main problem was that the back cover was missing, and also there was some pencil-marking in the booklet.  The set itself was not perfect.  For example, it was lacking a card.

Nonetheless, I just looked at a few of the photos again.  It is obviously an important set, in acceptable condition considering its scarcity, and at a good price!

So, if the winning bidder is reading this, congratulations!

–Tom Sawyer

March 30, 2012

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