Comments on an unusual edition of Cavendish’s “Pocket Guide for Leading at Whist,” New York, [1887] . . .

This blog is really mainly about the card-game booklets published by Charles Goodall & Son–and principally about the Goodall booklets published during the period of 1868 to 1922.  It might be nice to focus mainly on the older ones, say pre-1900, but that is pretty hard to do, since quite a few really interesting booklets were published after the turn of the century.  But mainly the topic has been Goodall.

But occasionally I have discussed non-Goodall booklets — especially card-game booklets authored by Cavendish and published by De La Rue.  In this post, though, I am going to discuss a fairly unusual — actually, extremely unusual — edition of Cavendish’s Pocket Rules for Leading at Whist.

The booklet states on the front cover, “Compliments of The Gutta Percha and Rubber Mfg. Co.”  The book is not dated, but the advertising includes a date in 1887, and the booklet has a hand-written date of March 1887, so it may be said confidently that the booklet dates from 1887.

Below are a few relevant scans.  First is an image showing the front and back covers.

Next are two images which show the relative sizes of the New York edition and a De La Rue edition.  The New York edition is in a small format, but sadly it is quite a bit bigger than the typical De La Rue booklet.  The De La Rule edition shown bears the date 1869 on the front cover.

Next is an image of the inside front-cover and first page of the interior of the New York edition.

Next is shown the index and the first page of the text proper of the New York edition.  There is no title page.

Next are shown the second and third pages of the text.

Next are shown the final page and the inside back-cover, both of which are devoted to advertising.

The primary purpose of the New York edition just discussed was to promote fire hose manufacture by The Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co.  I may make further comments on the New York edition in a future post.

—Tom Sawyer

October 18, 2012

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