Brief comments on “Bridge Maxims,” a scarce booklet by Sir William Wilkinson . . .

Bridge Maxims, by Sir William Wilkinson, appears to be one of the scarcer Goodall card-game booklets.  I base this comment largely upon the fact that I have never (as far as I can recall) seen a copy for sale.  Wilkinson also wrote The Game of Khanhoo, which I have seen relatively frequently, maybe a couple of times per year, on average) for the last several years–not sure which versions, probably not all were first editions.

According to the catalogs of the British Library and the Bodleian Library, there were two Hong Kong editions of Bridge Maxims, published respectively in 1918 and 1919.  From the British Library catalog comes the information that 1918 and 1919 Hong Kong (Hongkong) editions were published by Kelly & Walsh.  From the Bodleian Library catalog comes the information that 1918 and 1919 editions were authored by “Khanhoo.”  Plainly this was a pen name used by Wilkinson.

Rather interesting to me is the fact that, unless I have missed something, the relevant listings in Bodleian Library catalog (although there are inconsistencies) does not always show (a) the publisher name, (b) the number of pages, or (c) the size of the books.  Overall, I think I like the British Library listings better (at least for the booklet under discussion).

It appears, based on the British Library catalog, that a 1920 Goodall edition was the third edition.

All of the foregoing leads up to the following image of the front cover of a Goodall edition of Bridge Maxims.  This image was provided to me by Mike Goodall.

Thanks, Mike!

—Tom Sawyer

October 21, 2012

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