Comments on “The Pocket Guide to Spoil-Five, Twenty-Five & Forty-Five,” by Cavendish, second edition, 1872, published by De La Rue . . .

A rather scarce De La Rue card-game booklet is The Pocket Guide to Spoil-Five, by Cavendish.  The full title is as shown in the title of this post–but with no comma after “Spoil-Five.”  You can see the title in the image below, which is based on the 1872 second edition.  I don’t know why there was no punctuation appeared after “Spoil-Five,” but if De La Rue could leave it out, I am certainly free to put it back in.

On the back cover, the title is shown with the comma.

The booklet has no title page.  I think that was pretty much the norm with the De La Rue booklets, and as I more or less mentioned in an earlier post, such lack of title pages is one of the things which tend to make De La Rue booklets less interesting, and less book-like, when compared to the typical Goodall booklet.  On the other hand, it is hard to find fault with ancient De La Rue booklets such as the one discussed in this post.

Jessel shows 1870 for what is presumably the first edition.  I do not know how many editions there were — obviously at least two!

Since Jessel shows 18 pages, and since the second edition has 18 pages, it seems reasonable to conclude that there were no revisions, or that any revisions were slight.  This being the case, the second edition is probably simply a second printing.

After scanning the covers, I tried to adjust the color to make it more accurate.  It is still not super-close.  The actual basic color is basically a pale green.

—Tom Sawyer

October 22, 2012

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