Comments on “Whist for All Players,” by Captain Crawley — Part 1

Note:  This will be a multi-part post, hence the “Part 1” in the title of this post.

In 1873, there appeared the first edition of a Goodall booklet by Captain Crawley which was reprinted a number of times by Goodall over a period of many years, namely Whist for All Players.  I imagine that the 1873 first edition of the booklet is extremely scarce, in part because Frederic Jessel relied on The English Catalogue of Books for information on the first edition.  (That is to say, it appears that he had not been able to examine a copy in connection with the preparation of his bibliography.)  Below are Jessel’s listings for the booklet (from page 223):

The information there does not correspond at all with any copies I see listed in the Bodleian Library catalog, which lists editions for 1891, 1895, and 1916.

The English Catalogue of Books shows November 1873 for the book:

That date may be at odds with information in The Athenaeum for April 26, 1873, and other information in The Bookseller.  I’ll probably discuss that in a future post.  (Off hand, I am not sure what the date in The English Catalogue of Books signifies.  According to that work, the stated month “denotes where the fuller title is to be found in the ‘Publishers’ Circular;’ [. . .].”  If the whist booklet was actually published in, say, May 1873, then I don’t know why it would be found in the Publishers’ Circular in November.)

The following is from The Bookseller, May 1, 1873:

     NEW WHIST GUIDE.–The indefatigable Captain Crawley, who appears to be master of every game and sport or pastime, has just completed a little volume of Whist for All Players, which Messrs. Goodall are circulating as the guide, philosopher, and friend of all whistonians, and the book which is in future to settle all disputes respecting the laws of the game.

The following is from later that same year, from The Bookseller, November 6, 1873

     WHIST.—Messrs. Goodall and Sons have registered a neat little box, containing a pack of cards, a little book of directions, “Whist for all Players,” by the redoubtable authority, Captain Crawley, and some pegs—the whist-marker being the outer shell of the case; the whole forming an exceedingly natty affair.

     Messrs. Goodall have also issued, in a somewhat similar box, the game of QUARTETTE, with a pack of curious-looking cards, and full directions for playing—an excellent tittle present to young people.

Below is an image of a Goodall advertisement from The Bookseller for January 3, 1874. It is from the Hathi Trust Digital Library:

Jessel’s bibliography is easily findable on Google Books, as are the relevant issues of The Bookseller.

—Tom Sawyer

October 24, 2012

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