Comments on “Whist for All Players,” by Captain Crawley — Part 3: Remarks about a 1903 edition . . .

When one considers that the first edition of Whist for All Players was published in 1873, it might appear that a 1903 edition could not be considered all that early.  But I consider it early, all things considered, for a few subjective reasons:

1.  It appeared the year after (or possibly the same year as) the probable final use of an earlier cover design for the booklet.

2.  It is printed in red and black.

3.  It has the “Price Sixpence” on the cover.

4.  It is quite near the turn of the century, so it is pretty old, even if it did appear 30 years or so after the first edition.

Anyway, below are a few scans.  First, an image of the front and back covers:

Next, an image of the inside front-cover and of the title page:

Next, an image of the final page and of the inside back-cover:

Next, an image of the first page of the Preface:

To me it is rather interesting that Rawdon Crawley there refers to his “late father’s Pocket Guide to Whist,” and the booklet of his father’s which was being revised definitely did not have that title, or anything like it.  On the other hand, Cavendish did have such a booklet, and in the next sentence, Rawdon paraphrases Cavendish.

—Tom Sawyer

October 26, 2012

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