Comments on “Whist for All Players,” by Captain Crawley — Part 4: Remarks on my earliest copy, Fifteenth Edition, 1902 . . .

Below are scans relating to my earliest copy of Captain Crawley’s Whist for All Players.  The cover design is distinctly different from those of the other copies pictured in this blog.  All of the copies pictured are the revised version, and in fact all of my copies date from at earliest 1902, and Rawdon Crawley (Charles Frederick Pardon), who produced the revision, passed away in 1890 (see Boase), twelve years or so earlier!

Nonetheless, the edition pictured in this post is an extremely attractive one, and the particular copy pictured is in truly superlative condition — and as comic book collectors sometimes like to say, the cover maintains essentially all of its original gloss.

That brings up a topic that I have discussed before.  One might suppose that booklets as fragile as the Goodall card-game booklets would typically be in rather shabby condition a hundred or so years after their publication.  That, however, has not been my experience.  I now have (at least) five different versions of the Whist for All Players booklet, and all five of them are in great condition.

Parenthetically, I cannot say the same of my Goodall Cribbage booklets, of which I think I have at least four.  My two earliest ones, which I have pictured recently on this blog, are definitely in respectable condition, while my more recent ones are in substandard condition.

Well, back on the subject of my 1902 Whist for All Players, the first image is of the front cover.  The next is of the back cover.  The next is of the inside front-cover and of the title page.  Finally, there is an image of the final page and of the inside back-cover.

—Tom Sawyer

Saturday, October 27, 2012

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