Comments on Captain Crawley’s “Whist for All Players,” as revised by Rawdon Crawley, Tenth Edition, 1895 . . .

Because of the kindness of Mike Goodall, I am able now to reach back even further than the 1902 Fifteenth Edition of Whist for All Players as discussed in the preceding post.  The scans in this post were sent to me by Mike.  (In my next post, I’ll go back further still!)

The first image shows the covers of the 1895 Tenth Edition:

The next image shows the inside front-cover and title page:

The title page is similar to that shown in the preceding post, but not identical, since the title page shown above was issued before the “Ltd.” was added, and, of course, the date of 1895 is shown above.

–Tom Sawyer

October 30, 2012

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