Comments on a source of biographical information on Ernest Bergholt . . .

In a periodical called The Games and Puzzles Journal (published by G.P. Jellis), a fair amount of space is devoted to Ernest Bergholt.  In one issue in particular there is a significant amount of biographical information about Bergholt, based upon research conducted by T.H. Willcocks.

Here is a link.  (See page 230.)  The text quotes a reference work that says, “Known professionally as Ernest Bergholt.”

To obtain a slight understanding of Bergholt’s work on what are termed “knight’s tours,” note this paragraph, by Jellis, from a different issue of the periodical:

The only previous account of this subject [“Mixed Quaternary Symmetry”], which was invented by Bergholt, occurs in a brief series of knight’s tour problems published in the British Chess Magazine in 1918 (pages 7-8, 48, 74, 104, 195), in which he also gives the first ever examples of closed tours on 3-rank boards and of tours in 180 [degree] rotational symmetry in which the diametrally opposite numbers have constant sum instead of constant difference. These three remarkable innovations by one author at one time deserve greater recognition.

That’s what I was going to say!

—Tom Sawyer

November 4, 2012

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