Further comments on Ernest Bergholt: A discussion of his name . . .

In an earlier post, I presented some suggestion of my admiration for Ernest Bergholt.  From what I gather, he was the Isaac Newton of games.  I expect that this will be the first of a series of posts relating to Bergholt.  In this post, I intend to discuss Bergholt’s name.

In a great many places on the internet, Bergholt’s name is shown as Ernest George Binckes Bergholt.  I am not certain the degree to which such references are independent of each other, but I suspect that many of them have an ultimate common origin.  That is, I have no idea on what source or sources that name is based.  When one considers the paucity of information that is readily available on Bergholt, it is not necessarily a good idea to assume that the foregoing name is what appeared on Bergholt’s birth certificate.

Alumni Catabrigienses (on Google in a “Snippet view,” and I’m not sure of the edition or date) seems to list him as, “BINCKES, ERNEST GEORGE (alias ERNEST BERGHOLT).

A Register of Admissions to King’s College Cambridge 1850-1900, compiled by John J. Withers (London, 1903), has a listing for Ernest George Binckes, as follows:

In a book called Richelieu, by B. Zeller (London, Paris, and Boston, 1884), the editor, Henri Testard, makes reference to an Ernest G. Binckes, and I believe that it is entirely possible, and perhaps quite likely, that his reference is to our Ernest Bergholt.

—Tom Sawyer

November 4, 2012

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