Comments on Ernest Bergholt’s “Royal Spades or Lily Auction Bridge,” published by Goodall, [1913, according to Bodleian Library] . . .

This is another post dealing with Ernest Bergholt.  You can easily locate the recent posts relating to Bergholt.  However, back in 2011, I ran three posts that dealt specifically with Ernest Bergholt, as follows:

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Thus, so far, I have talked about Rover Bridge, 1917, and A Compendium of Dominoes, 1918.  In this post, I am going to reach back a little further, to the year (according to the Bodleian Library) 1913, when Ernest Bergholt’s Royal Spades or Lily Auction Bridge was published.

I have made anything like a complete effort in establishing the date of publication of Royal Spades or Lily Auction Bridge, but the inside front-cover does advertise Original Round Games and Auction Bridge, both of which are considered to be 1912 booklets.  So, the [1913] date seems reasonable, though I cannot say for certain that my copy is the same as the Bodleian Library copy — nor can I say for certain that they both appeared the same year.

A “Third Edition” — which is beyond the scope of this post — included laws from late 1913 and from 1914.  So, if one were extremely conservative, one would hypothesize that my copy of the edition under discussion appeared in 1912, 1913, or 1914 — or maybe even 1915.

Lending credence to a hypothesis of 1913 (or later) is the fact that, on page 8, Bergholt makes mention of the date “September, 1912.”

Bergholt’s Royal Spades or Lily Auction Bridge (my copy, at least) contains iv pages of preliminaries, and then the text runs [5] through 78.  Then there are two pages (one leaf) of advertisements.  As is typical with Goodall booklets, the inside covers (front and back) also contain advertisements.

Following are images of the front cover, the back cover, the inside front-cover, the title page, and a few following pages.

—Tom Sawyer

November 5, 2012

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