Images of two early front-covers of “Piquet,” by Professor Hoffmann, as published by Goodall, 1896 and 1899 — thanks to Mike Goodall . . .

Thanks to Mike Goodall, who sent me images, below are portrayals of two early covers for Piquet, by Professor Hoffmann, as published by Goodall.  Piquet was one of Professor Hoffmann’s first four card-game booklets to have been published by Chas. Goodall & Son, and in fact all of the “first four” were originally published in 1895.  (At least, 1895 is the date that Goodall shows for the earliest editions noted by him for three of them:  Piquet, Ecarte, and Rubicon Bezique.  The earliest date Jessel shows for Hoffmann’s Bridge Whist is 1899, but, based on a copy in David Levy’s collection, Bridge Whist was published no later than 1895.)

The images below (slightly cropped) represent the earliest editions of Piquet shown on this blog.  Previously, the earliest was the 1902 Fifth Edition, discussed in earlier posts, here and here.

I’ll start with the image of the 1899 Fourth Edition:

Next, an image of the 1896 Second Edition:

—Tom Sawyer

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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