Comments on “A Compendium of Poker,” by Ernest Bergholt, published by Goodall, 1918 — thanks to David Levy . . .

I think it is reasonably safe to say that Ernest Bergholt was responsible for four basic Goodall card-game booklets (if we stretch matters and include dominoes as a card game), namely:

Royal Spades or Lily Auction Bridge, [1913, according to the Bodleian Library catalog]

Note:  At least four additional editions of Royal Spades or Lily Auction Bridge were issued, as discussed in earlier posts.  The title changed quite a bit, as did the content!

Rover Bridge, 1917

A Compendium of Dominoes, 1918

A Compendium of Poker, 1918

Thanks to the kindness of David Levy, I am in possession of scans relating to Bergholt’s A Compendium of Poker, and I am able to show them below.

—Tom Sawyer

Monday, November 12, 2012

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