Comments on one of the scarcest of Professor Hoffmann’s Goodall booklets, “Bridge Varieties,” [1908] — thanks to Mike Goodall . . .

I have discussed elsewhere in this blog the fact that Professor Hoffmann wrote seventeen different card-game booklets for Goodall.  One could argue with that number.  For instance, Selected Patience Games is a compilation from two other Hoffmann works.  I count it as a separate work.  Others might differ.

As I have also said, there are a few Hoffmann card-game booklets that I have never seen.  That number, however, has been dropping.  As of yesterday morning, there were three booklets in that category, as follows:

1.  Hearts, Heartsette, and Ombre, 1902

2.  Quinto, 1907

3.  Bridge Varieties, [1908]

You may say, “From where did you get the [1908] date for Bridge Varieties?”  (The brackets indicate that the date is not found on the title page in the orthodox way.)  Well, I got that [1908] from the Bodleian Library catalog.  The 1907 for Quinto is based on the same source.  The 1902 for the third work is shown in Jessel (and also in the Bodleian Library catalog).

Anyway, of the three booklets mentioned, Quinto was the only one that I was certain existed in private collections, although I do not know which collections.

In one of my posts, I went so far as to say, regarding Bridge Varieties, “I am inclined to believe that this may be the scarcest of all of the Hoffmann rule-booklets.”

Much of the mystery dissipated for me yesterday, when I received two emails from Mike Goodall, accompanied by the scans shown below.

So, now it is clear the Bridge Varieties discussed Auction Bridge, Opposition Bridge, Misery Bridge, and Cut-Throat Bridge.

You may notice that Quinto is one of the booklets advertised on the inside front-cover.  That supports the chronology stated by the Bodleian Library, that is, that Quinto preceded Bridge Varieties.

—Tom Sawyer

November 15, 2012

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