Comments on the desirability of Ernest Bergholt’s card-game booklets . . .

In the preceding post, I discussed my perceptions of the scarcity of Ernest Bergholt’s card-game booklets published by Goodall.  In this post, I will discuss their desirability, or the degree to which they are desirable.

Reasons Why Ernest Bergholt’s Card-Game Booklets Are Desirable

1.  In general, they are scarce.  See the preceding post.

2.  They are by an identifiable person, who is an important figure in the world of card games.

3.  The booklets are probably somewhat early treatments of some of the forms of Bridge that are treated.  One or more might be “important” booklets.

4.  If you are interested in Professor Hoffmann, you would automatically be interested in Bergholt, and hence in his card-game booklets.  Bergholt has a number of tie-ins with Professor Hoffmann.  Bergholt wrote two large books on patience games, and in at least one of them, he praises Hoffmann’s translation titled The Illustrated Book of Patience Games.  More significantly, Bergholt revised an edition of Hoyle’s Games Modernized which had been edited by Hoffmann.

5.  In some ways, Bergholt is a bit of a mystery, which tends in make him more interesting.  On the other hand, a noticeable amount of information about him exists, which is a good thing.

6.  Then there are “subject” reasons.  For those with a special interest in Bridge, the desirability of two of his works is clear. Those with a special interest in Poker would especially want his Poker booklet.  And those interested in Dominoes would want his work on Dominoes.  (It looks a little strange to capitalize the names of certain popular games, but I realize I am doing that.)

7.  There are also many other reasons, including the “usual” reasons why one might wish to collect card-game booklets.

—Tom Sawyer

Friday, November 16, 2012

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