Comments on Warne’s “The Bijou Hoyle” . . .

Warne’s Bijou Books were an interesting series of little books published by Frederick J. Warne & Co., mainly (perhaps solely) in the nineteenth century.  Many subjects were covered, and quite a few of the books were on games.  At one time, a few years ago, I fancied that I would start a collection of the books.  For some reason (or probably for several reasons), I did not do that.

Well, I “started” the collection!  But I did not really follow through.  I have about eight or ten of them, I suppose.

In this post, I want to discuss The Bijou Hoyle.  I did discuss it somewhat in The Armchair Bibliographer, here.  The Bijou Hoyle is actually a part of Warne’s Bijou Library, and I suppose that the books in that series were made up of multiple titles from the Warne’s Bijou Books series.

I am going to base my comments on my copy of The Bijou Hoyle.  I do not know what variants may exist.

The title on the title page is The Bijou Hoyle.  The title page bears the date 1868, and the book has a color frontispiece showing people playing whist.

The book is made up of three separate books.  The first is on Whist.  That section ends on page 92.  The second section is on Cribbage and Dominoes, and that ends on page 96.  The third section is on Chess, and it ends on age 94.

The second and third sections are each preceded by a color illustration.

I have never seen the separate publication of the Whist work.  I presume that it is the work shown as follows by Jessel (note that this is not the listing I posted in error originally):

The second and third sections are by F. Hardy (that is, Frederic Hardy), although his name is apparently not given, though certain introductory material shows F.H.  I have copies of the separate Warne’s Bijou Books of the two Hardy titles.  I discuss the Chess book in depth on my The Armchair Bibliographer blog.

I suppose that the Handbook of Whist must be scarce, for Jessel advertised for a copy in the January 11, 1908, issue of The Publishers’ Circular:

You can ignore the “yellow” in the foregoing images — it simply shows my search terms.

—Tom Sawyer

Friday, November 16, 2012

Correct Jessel excerpt posted 11-17-12.

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