Comments on the now-ended auction for “The Pocket Guide to Go-Bang” booklet by Cavendish, and game board . . .

In a previous post, I mentioned an eBay auction for an 1876 The Pocket Guide to Go-Bang booklet by Cavendish, along with a De La Rue game-board.  Here is a link to the auction:  auction.  The auction has ended.

The high bid was 103 pounds.  (The listing shows that amount as approximately $164.92 — about $165.  This is on 11-25-12.)

As I mentioned, the booklet was published by De La Rue and is quite similar in some ways to the usual De La Rue card-game booklets.  But Go-Bang is not a card game.  Still, it’s an interesting booklet.

I have I guess a couple of Cavendish booklets that are not on card games.  Booklets on draughts and dominoes come to mind.  However, dominoes can be considered a card game, I suppose, especially since dominoes cards exist.  Also, I think that Cavendish booklets not on card games do fit in well with card-game booklets.

But I was not super-interested in the board and Go-Bang booklet.  Nonetheless, I did place a bid on the set — a bid of 15 pounds, which, when added to the 13 pounds shipping to my location, would have been 28 pounds.  (I know of no evidence that any of the counters came with the board and booklet, and I didn’t think that the counters added anything to the set.)

The board was quite cool, though, and the description said that it bore the De La Rue name, though I could not see that.  And I think that the board probably contributed significantly to the final price.

As I mentioned before, Games et al also has a copy of the booklet for sale.  The price is 75 pounds.

I am pretty sure that the booklet is relatively scarce.  Apart from the Games et al copy and the copy just auctioned, I know of one other copy — in addition to the copy in the Bodleian Library.  According to the Bodleian Library catalog, the library’s copy is an 1877 third edition from Frederic Jessel’s collection.

—Tom Sawyer

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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