Comments on “Euchre: Its Method and Maxims,” by Lieut. Bougher (Charles Frederick Pardon), published by Goodall, 1889 . . .

In 1889, there appeared two particular books published by Goodall under the following rather unusual, but similar, author names:

A.B. Lougher

Lieut. Bougher

The following two entries from Jessel illuminate matters a little:

So, it seems that A.B. Lougher and Lieut. Bougher were both Charles Frederick Pardon, also known as Rawdon Crawley, Bt.  This was a son of George Frederick Pardon.  I have done a little research, but I have little or no idea how the man arrived at the Lougher and Bougher pen names.

Thanks to David Levy, whom I have mentioned before in this blog, I am able to post scans of a copy of the Bougher booklet in his collection.  I appreciate David’s kindness in sending me scans!

The Bodleian Library catalog shows two copies.  One is dated 1889 and is from Jessel’s collection.  The other is a fifth edition, 1896.

Bougher’s Euchre:  It’s Methods and Maxims is, I am fairly sure, quite a scarce booklet.  I have never seen a copy offered for sale.

—Tom Sawyer

Monday, November 26, 2012

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