Frederic Jessel has his say on the derivation of the word “Bezique,” in “Notes and Queries,” in 1903 . . .

The following is a group of images from Google Books, showing parts of a page from Notes and Queries, 1903.  I appreciate David Levy alerting me to it, otherwise I would not know of it.

You can ignore the yellow.

Now that I have posted it, it looks more like a patchwork than I had hoped.  It is four images:  the title and date information, the bottom of a left column, the top of a right column, and a little bit more of the right column.

date 12 3 12 NQ

jess bez 12 3 12 adj

jes bez 2 12 3 12 part 2

jess bez 3 12 3 12 part 3

If I were to do it again, I might have cropped out everything but the Jessel material.  As it is, it is a little confusing.  Sometime in the future I might change it.

In my next post, I’ll probably discuss Jessel’s comments a little.

—Tom Sawyer

December 3, 2012

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