Further comments on my defective listing of “different” card-game booklets by Professor Hoffmann . . .

This post includes a few more comments and excuses about my list of Professor Hoffmann’s card-game booklets as listed in an earlier post.  As it turns out, I omitted Quinto from the list, and I included two listings for a booklet which Jessel listed as follows:

prog whist h e 12 5 12a

Now, for some reason, in one of the entries, I used an ampersand instead of the “and.”

I have never seen a first edition.  I do have two later printings (revisions) which I discuss here and here.  They are pretty good posts for helping one understand the relationships among the various known printings.  At least one of my copies used an ampersand on the cover (probably both, but I just looked at one).

In the post mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, I seem to have intended to make the listing alphabetical, but I did not do that, although the first ones and the last ones were alphabetical — I think seven at the beginning and six at the end.  But a group in the middle were out of place.  Perhaps if I had made them all alphabetical, I would have noticed the duplication!

—Tom Sawyer

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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