Remembering the titles of all of Professor Hoffmann’s card-game booklets . . .

Some might think, “How in the world can you remember the titles of all of Professor Hoffmann’s card game booklets?”  Others might think, “What’s so hard about that?”

Actually, using a simple method worked out by me, with some help from my dear daughter, it is relatively easy to remember all of them.

The sixteen booklets fit reasonably well into four categories of four booklets each.

Foreign-sounding titles, which sound foreign to people who speak only English:



Rubicon Bezique

Schnapps and Other Original Round Games

Booklets on patience games:


Patience (Second Series)

Patience, With the Joker

Selected Patience Games

Booklets on Bridge:


Bridge Varieties

Bridge Whist

Auction Bridge

Booklets whose titles deal with numbers or “progressions”:

Quinto (like five)

Five Hundred (just multiply “Quinto” by a hundred)

Progressive Whist, Hearts, and Euchre (has the word “Progressive” in the title)

Hearts, Heartsette, and Ombre (clear “progression” from “Hearts” to “Heartsette”)

Easy as pie!  I may have misplaced a comma or two, or made other slight misstatements of titles, but hey, I made the list from memory!  Of course, I left out all subtitles, which I am not even close to knowing.

—Tom Sawyer

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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