Well, I am back to sixteen “different” booklets by Professor Hoffmann . . .

I’ll probably get into this in more detail soon.

The weird thing is that I thought I had definitely identified seventeen different Goodall titles that Professor Hoffmann had created, and if you had asked me, I would have said I could name all seventeen — not the exact titles in every case, and definitely not all of the subtitles, but I would get it fairly closely.

But tonight I was lying awake, trying to think of all seventeen (as I thought I had done a number of times in the past), but again and again, all I could come up with was sixteen.

So, I finally went to my listing of sixteen, on this blog.  And I knew I had added Quinto to that list (not to my collection) in a later post.  But I went through the list of sixteen, and I didn’t see anything I had not thought of.  So I counted them:  sixteen!  It seemed that I had remembered all of the sixteen in the list of sixteen, and Quinto would make seventeen.

I wracked my brain to see if I could name seventeen on my own, since it appeared I had done so, without realizing it.  But no!  I couldn’t.  It was maddening!

So, I looked at the list more carefully.

I had included one of the titles twice (not consecutively).

As I said, I’ll probably get into this further in the near future.  And I’ll probably do some checking to make certain that the “real” total is indeed sixteen, to the best of my knowledge — because I may have missed something.

Now I hope to try to get some sleep!  I have a bit of a busy day tomorrow — uh, I mean today!

—Tom Sawyer

December 5, 2012

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