Maybe it is a booklet — or maybe it is not a booklet — but it is interesting . . .

Below is a link to an interesting eBay listing.  (The seller is bluemalchut, from whom I have purchased many great booklets.)

eBay listing

The card is a De La Rue item.  If it were a Goodall item, I would be considering it very carefully, because it seems quite unusual.  I’m not sure whether one can consider it a booklet — that stretches things a little.

Frederic Jessel lists several cards in his bibliography, but I do not know whether any of them look like playing cards.  The following Jessel items (and maybe others in his bibliography) all say “A card” in parentheses, thus:  (A card.)

Item 4.  16mo, 4 pages

Item 21.  32mo

Item 76.  32mo, 2 pages

Item 983.  16mo, 2 pages

The information on sizes and pages is from Jessel.  (I have a number of De La Rue instruction cards in my collection.)

—Tom Sawyer

December 7, 2012

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